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Producers of television content | Documentary | Branded Entertainment | Lifestyle TV.



Innovation, creativity and efficiency are our key words. We are producers of television content for a variety of broadcasters around Australia and the world.


Yes we're a relatively new operation if you compare us to some of the big old fashioned production houses and producers. But that's exactly our point. We are producing content which is fresh and exciting; whilst also creating our own formats and models of TV which lead the audience into a new direction.


Our experience producing branded entertainment and selling shows based around this format is again strong and varied. BSTV produces the highly successful series 'Healthy Homes TV Australia' for Network TEN, glossy weekend series Animal Extra for Network TEN, Country House Facelift for Network TEN- and Buy to Build also for Network TEN. In 2024 we will begin production on a new jewel in the crown for a major Australian broadcaster- a 10 part lifestyle series called Poolside Spa & Garden Australia.


Documentary production has been our forte over recent years, with some award winning; some being adopted as part of the education system; and some changing popular culture in the far flung parts of Australia and the world.


Our Executive Producer Walter Collins is a dynamic individual with an incredible track record in production. Starting out with a pirate TV station as a 14 year old, using his mum's wok as a satellite dish, the young entrepreneur quickly made his mark in TV production and is now a recognised face as host of various Australian lifestyle series.

Our production company has created many award winning video content pieces, ranging from catchy social media clips, awe inspiring company comms pieces and other general video and content campaigns.


BSTV is the parent to multi-award winning TV marketing company; BSTV Advertising, which is our retail arm if you like. Harnessing the small to medium sized marketing crowd, our guys produce TVC's, high end glossy corporate clips and hours of web television. Along with a media buying partnership, BSTVADS is a highly successful and motivated company delivering a weekly array of TV content.

BSTV also delivers the acclaimed Executive Media Training service- empowering executives in how to handle themselves in the media, including simulation, crisis management and on-camera presentation.


We produce mostly in house from our office in Prahran Melbourne and regional centre in Rochester ,VIC.

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