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BSTV has produced content across a wide range of topics in a wide range of genres for many corporate comms projects.

We don't shy away from the controversial topics and we're not afraid to bend the conventional unspoken rules to bring a story to a viewer. A number of our corporate comms pieces have won awards.


We love to get our teeth stuck into a great message. We love people, characters and quirks. We produce corporate content for in-house comms teams, government infrastructure and health projects, as well as for PR and outsourced comms companies (flying under their banner).


From documentaries on domestic violence and child abuse through to a raw and edgy documentary on one of the world's biggest gay porn stars which attracted over 6 million viewers online- our producers love to tell a story through their own unique eyes.


BSTV loves to create for mass audiences and we can cater for niche viewerships, always finding the edge needed to cut through


We can produce in many styles covering reality documentary, observational documentary, music documentary and biographical comms and content pieces.

If BSTV had a flex- it would be creating groundbreaking safety messaging for big companies- including multi billion dollar government infrastructure project safety campaigns.

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