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BSTV has produced documentary on a wide range of topics in a wide range of genres.

We don't shy away from the controversial topics and we're not afraid to bend the conventional unspoken rules to bring a story to a viewer.


We love to get our teeth stuck into a great story. We're not wildlife documentary makers, nor do we take on intense investigative docos. We love people, characters and quirks.


Some of our more notable documentaries have been based on homelessness and the impact this has on a person and a community. We've spent the nights on the streets with our new friends and told their story with a plea for social change.


From documentaries on domestic violence and child abuse through to a raw and edgy documentary on one of the world's biggest gay porn stars which attracted over 6 million viewers online- our producers love to tell a story through their own unique eyes.


BSTV loves to create for mass audiences and we can cater for niche viewerships, always finding the edge or character in a story which makes an audience stick.


We can produce in many styles covering reality documentary, observational documentary, music documentary and biographical documentary.

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